Whynot Coffee & Roastery is a specialty coffee in Jakarta

We provide place, perfect, educated and affordable coffee


Perfect Coffee

We provide not only coffee drink, but try our best to give the perfect coffee.

Educated Coffee

It is reflected by recipe monitoring. Controlling all variables that involved in coffee making and roasting our beans. We also provide educated coffee for our cistomer by enhancing barista knowledge in coffee.

Affordable Price

We believe that perfect coffee can be bought with affordable price than other competitors


Single Origin (Red)

“Single origin” means that the coffee beans were sourced from a single location, usually a region or country. Nowadays, however, it even goes as far as to mean that the beans were sourced from a single farm, estate or co-operative, which does make a difference to the end product that you drink.

House Blend (Green)

Whynot Specialty Beans

“House Blend” means that the coffee beans were mixed by different location, varieties, roaster to create the most consistency and balance flavor that the coffee roaster, coffee shop and coffee shop needs.

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